Monday, 10 April 2017

Strawberry Jam by Kazz Cards
Cut a peace of red card stock 12 x 5.8 inch's and fold in half and crease with creasing tool.  Then choose two decorative peaces of decorative card in matching colours.   The first peace is 5.7 inch's x 31/4 inch's.  The second peace is 5.7 inch's by 21/2 inch's.  I have aloud a little bit so you can join the two peaces together.  I cut a peace of white red poka dot ribbon and stuck onto my decorative card stock across the join of the two decorative peaces of card stock.  Tuck the ribbon under the decorative card stock before you stick your decorative card to your card.

Once you have done this you may stick to front of your card.   I then used my red double side tape and stuck my lace to my card.   I cut out my coloured image that I coloured with my Derwent water coloured Pencils and I used a water brush with no water in it to paint my image.  Use water in a jar as required.

I cut my image out with my Cuttlebug and sponged around the edge with real red ink.

I decorated my card with red ribbon roses, two red buttons a spoon and a yellow T - Pot Button.  I also used red bling to decorate my card.

I cut out my Scalloped Oval with my Punch from Stampin up and I cut out my Birthday Wishes with my Oval Stampin Up Punch.   I sponged around my oval with real red ink.  Just have fun and enjoy.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Wild Electric Spiky Hair 

Cut a peace of Electric Blue card stock 23.5cm by 19cm and fold in half and crease.  Then cut a peace of Orange spotted card stock 11cm across by 18cm  I stuck the Spotted card down with my double sided tape.  I then used my Creative Memories cutting System and Cut out two ovals.  I used my green blade on the Electric Blue Card Sock and the Red blade on my Spiky image.

I sponged around my image with Tangelo Twist ink by Stampin Up.  I cut a Cut a medium circle with my Creative Memories circle puch and I cut out my stamped Happy Birthday and then sponged around the edge with my Tangelo Twist ink.  I placed a Bling in the centre of my Happy Birthday.  I used double sided tape to tape my card together.

I used my Derwent water coloured Pencils to colour  my image with, I also used an owl button on my card.  I added details of grass and flowers which you can draw onto your card.  This card is extremely easy.  I also used a orange Bunny on the Bottom of my card.  Just have fun.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Kazz on the Beach
Cut a peace of 12 inch by 5.8 inch card stock and fold in half and crease.  I then used a peace of old Creative Memories Paper 13.8 cm by 11.4 cm in a thong print.  I Also used a peace of Lime decorative card stock 13.8cm by 3.5cm card stock and stuck on the front of my card stick the Lime peace down first followed by the thong peace of card stock..

The Border is made from Umbrella Sticker which is 15.2 cm by 1.6cm thr blue card stock behind it is 15.2cm by 2cm you can use any decorative card stock to make the border just make it fun and bright and stick to a theme.

This is a Fluffy image I coloured using my Derwent Water colour Pencils.   I cut her out with one of my Dies and then cut around her legs so she sat on the border.  I used Wink of Stella Pen to give her sparkle.  I decorated her with Blue Beads and I sponged around the edge with Night of Navy ink.

I used A foam shaped Dolphin and some orange star fish, I found these at Spot Light.    The Surf Board is also a Foam shape and so is the Deck chair.  The Umbrella is a sticker and so is the thongs,  you can get foam thongs from Spotlight as well, just look in the packets.  Just have fun.
Punk Star
Cut a peace of Green Card Stock 23cm by 19cm and fold in half and crease.   cut a peace of white  card stock 11cm by 18.3cm this is your stamped peace at the back on the back ground.   The next peace is the peace with your image on it.  This peace of white card stock 13.7 by  8.3cm .  The green card stock is 14.7cm by 9.2cm  this peace of card stock sits behind your coloured image.  

The two stamp sets I have used are Gorgeous Grunge and Extreme Elements.  The ink pads I have used are Stampin up Gumball Green, Night of Navy, and Tangelo Twist.   I first stamped different stamps on my back ground and sponged around the edge in Gum Ball Green ink.  I cut out my Front image and once I had coloured my Punk man I stamped around the edge with my Gorgeous Grunge Stamps and Extreme Elements Stamp set.  I then again sponged around the edge in Gum ball green ink.  I cut a Mediun Circle out of my green card stock, I then Stamped a Happy Birthday circle stamp sponged around edge and stuck on to my Green card stock circle.   I placed this on te corner as layers are very good on a card.  I used a stripped button from Stampin Up and a orange star button.  Just have fun.  

The Frog Princess
Cut a peace of Hot Pink Card Stock 12 inch by 5.8 inch and fold in half and crease.  Then Cut a peace of green plain card stock to fit on the front of your card and allow to see the pink card behind your green card stock.  Place some tape in the middle behind your card stock, just enough so that you can hold your card in position and stitch around your card with your straight stitch on your sewing machine.  The Green card stock is 14cm by 14cm.

  Then cut a peace of brightly coloured decorative card stock 13cm by 13 cm and repeat the process and then Zig Zag around your card.  I Then cut a peace of Green card stock to fit across my card 14cm by 6cm I used my stampinn up scalloped edge punch and punched a border on either side of my green card stock. I then cut a border using my creative memories border maker using this heart design in hot Pink approx 4cm in height.  I decorated this with Butterfly Washi Tape, I sewed straight stitch on both sides near the scalloped edge.

I coloured my image with my Derwent Water coloured pencils and then sponged around the edge with Melon Mambo ink by Stampin up.  I cut this image out with my Oval scalloped die before sponging around the edge,  I then stamped the words Happy Birthday and cut out my Happy Birthday sign.  Cut two more smaller scalloped peaces using your plain green card stock and place on either side of your happy Birthday sign.  Don't forget t sponge around edge with your Melon Mambo ink.  Just have fun.

I used Pink Bling to decorate my card with using different sizes in the Bling.  A Frog and Butterfly Button.  Just have fun and if you have any problems just message me and I will try and help.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Valentine Panda
  Cut a peace of red card stock 12 inch by 5.8 inch and fold in half and crease.  Cut a peace of White card stock  141/2cm by 14cm, then cut a  peace of red card stock 131/2 by 13.7cm and put through your cuttlebug with a heart embossing folder.  I used the embossing folder and stamp set of Paper craft essentials magazine issue 142.

I coloured my Besti image, I have chosen one with lots of hearts,  I did this with Water coloured Pencils.  I then cut my image out with a nesting die and then sponged around the edge with real red ink.

Putting your card together Put your white card first then your embossed card and then put a peace of ribbon on the  top left corner and stick with double sided tape on back of card.  Then stick onto your main peace of card.    I stamped just for you and cut out with my creative memories heart punch.  I stamped the pandas with my black ink and cut out the pandas.

I stuck the pandas on in each corner, and decorated my card with red pearls, red bling butterflys, and red hearts from Close to your heart.  Just have fun.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Magic of Christmas.
Cut a peace of 12 x 5.8 inch green card stock and fold in half and crease.  Colour your Dimples, Besti Image, which you will find in the Etsy shop.  I used Derwent water colour pencils to do this and a water brush.  I cut my image out with my nesting die and kept the white frame as a feature. 

I stuck my white frame on first on an angle, my image came out of the frame, I sponged around my coloured image with gum ball green ink.    I used my large scalloped round punch from Stamin Up, I cut out this with my red card stock.  I cut my do not open till xmas stamped image out with my circle nesting dies.   I sponged around this with my gum ball green ink. 

I stuck my frame down with glue, I used double sided tape on my image and my scalloped circle and stamped sign.  I decorated my card with red buttons and clear buttons.  I got these from Stampin Up.  

I stamped the Let the magic of Christmas warm your heart, with my Close to your heart stamps.  I sponged around edge with gum ball ink.  I first cut my sign down to size with my rottery cutter.  
Just have fun.  I gave the card to my friend.