Monday, 18 December 2017

Besti in the Christmas Door.


The door I created for this card was done by using the Kit and Clowder Class, I just added the Besti Image.

I used Prismacolor pencils to colour my image and my door.  To make the base of your card cut a peace of Navy Blue card stock 93/4 inches by 6 1/4 inches and fold in half and crease to make your card.  The front peace on my card, measures 4.8inches by 6 inches.

I cut out a bow to go on the front of my door with a punch and added bling.  I used my stampin up stamp and stamped Merry Christmas, I cut out my circle with my small creative memories circle punch, and then cut out my navy circle with my next size up circle.  I added Bling to the centre of my star.  Just have fun.  

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Ellie's Blue Shoes

Cut out a peace of red card stock 12 x 5.8 inches, and fold in half and crease to form your card.  Then cut out three strips 14 cm by 51/2 cm put your two spotted peaces on first, and then put on your word peace.  On the top left side attach a peace of ribbon approx 1 inch in from top and across the top stick under the spotted card stock, before attaching to the card.  Tie a peace of ribbon around your ribbon and trim.

I cut out a heart border with my creative memories border maker, and the stuck a peace of white lace on my card with your red tape, as this is stronger.   I coloured my Besti image, with my Derwent water coloured pencils.  I decorated my card with silk ribbon roses, red hearts and a red butterfly.  I added bling to the corners.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Blakleys  Swing
I cut out my plain card stock in hot pink, 12 x 5.8 inch's. Then fold in half to form the card.  I then cut a peace of plain white card stock to fit on the front of my card, allow to see the hot pink around the edges.  I then cut out four squares, two polka dot ones and two of a different print.  Then cut some silver ribbon to put across the middle of my card.  Both directions, stick under the white card stock, and then stick to your hot pink card.

I then coloured my Blakleys swing image with my Derwent water coloured pencils.  I cut this out with my nesting die.  I sponged around the edge with pink mambo ink.   I decorated the swing with pink satin roses.   I decorated my image with pin buttons and clear bling.  I cut out a small butterfly with my stampin up dies.  
I then cut out a large scalloped oval, and then cut my oval Birthday wishes.  I sponged around the edge with my pink mambo ink.  I added bling to the corners.   Just have fun.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Love you always.

I cut a peace of plain hot pink card stock 12 inch by 5.8 inch's.  Then I cut three strips of decorative card stock in a printed card stock.  I chose Polka dots and words.  5cm by 15.5cm you over lap them a fraction allow to see your hot pink card stock underneath.  Do not stick to your card until you have put your zig zag ribbon on your card as you tuck the ends under your card stock.  

Colour your Besti Image and cut out with your large scalloped circle.  Sponge around edge with Pink Mambo ink.  I used a Kasercraft Packet of tea party embellishments this is were I found the T - Pot and the Coffee cup, the roses and the Love you always sign.  I stamped Birthday Wishes and cut out with my oval punch.  I cut out a pink Scalloped edge plain card scallop shape to put my Birthday wishes on.  I used Melon Mambo ink.  I used a satin rose in hot pink from Spotlight.  Just have fun.  
The colour purple

Cut out a peace of plain purple card stock 23cm by 17cm and then fold in half and crease to make the card base.  Then cut a peace of decorative card stock 11cm by 16.5cm in a butterfly theme. Do not stick down yet as you need to attach a ribbon to the top corner.

Then cut out a peace of plain purple card stock 13cm by 8.5cm sit aside.  Cut out your coloured image 12.5cm by 8cm and then sponge around the edge with Dusty Concord Tim Holts ink Then using your double sided tape stick on your smallest peace of plain card stock.

 Once you have stuck this peace together, stick to your decorative card stock and then put your ribbon on the top corner.  Thread a small peace of ribbon under your ribbon and tie.
Then you can stick to your card, allow to see the purple card stock under your card.

Decorate with a heart button, a butterfly buton and a purple flower button.  Just have fun.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Sally in the Window
Cut out a peace of Navy Blue card stock 12 x 5.8 inch's fold in half and crease, this will form your card.

I used this image from the special moments collection.  I coloured her with my derwent water coloured pencils.  I painted the bricks with my waterbrush.  Do not put water in your water brush, as it makes it very hard to control the colour.
Cut around your bricks by hand and make them have a rough edge.   

I cut out my butterfly's with my Stampin Up dies, their are plenty of butterfly punches around.  I decorated my butterfly s with bling and tiny pearls.  

I stuck four white satin roses on my card with sticky dots.  

I found these green buttons at Spotlight.  

I Stamped the words Birthday Wishes, I cut this out with my Scalloped oval punch and sponged around the edge with Gum Ball ink.  I cut another Scalloped Oval in plain green card stock.  I cut this along length ways and placed under my Birthday Wishes on either side to add colour and pop.  

I also added some bling flowers and placed them on the vines around the window.
Just have fun.     

Saturday, 29 July 2017

The Princess Shoe

Cut out a peace of 12 x 5.8 inch card stock and fold on half and crease.  Then cut a peace of decorative card stock in polka dots to fit on the front of your card, allowing to see the blue card under neath to give the card pop.  13.5cm by 14.8cm adjust if needed this is the polka dot card stock.
Do not stick down. 

 Stick a peace of whit lace 4cm up from bottom of your decorative card stock.  I used red tape for this as its stronger.  Then place a row of ribbon of your choice on top of your lace and fold under the decorative card stock.  The corner ribbon is 4cm down and 4cm across on each top corner in the same ribbon fold under the edges on your decorative card stock.

  The Ribbon roses I found at Spot Light.  Stick your spotted card stock to your card then decorate it. 

I  used a Besti Image for my card, I coloured her with my Derwent water coloured pencils.  I then cut out my image with my nesting dies.  I then sponged around edge with real red stampin up ink.  

I placed a large rose on each corner ribbon peace.  I put three little roses on the bottom of my card on each side of my image.  I put three bling butterfly's  on my image from Shiploads.  I cut out a scalloped Birthday wishes with my small oval Stampin up punch.  I sponged around edge with real red ink.  I cut a scalloped  red oval with  card stock. Then stick your Birthday Wishes on your card.  

Just have fun.