Friday, 11 December 2015

Rein-dears and Roses

Cut a peace of red card stock, 5 1/2 by 10 1/2 inch, then fold in middle and score with a scoring knife. Cut a peace of white card stock 12 x 5 this is the peace for the window.  Mark the centre of your card with a pencil at top and bottom, score in 3 inch's at each end. place your die on your card, First draw a very light line down the middle to mark the centre, place your window die on your card and cut out, leave room for a border and edge.  Do this then get your large die and the next size down and cut out a frame for your window, stick this around your window.  Stamp a couple of back ground stamps on either end of your card.  I used those grunge dots and some snow flakes. Then stamp your rein-dears.  Decorate as you like.  Put aside and do not stick yet.  Fold score lines in and fold in centre of card.

Cut a peace for under neath about 5 inch by 81/4 stamp an image
you would like to see in your window.  I used the back ground stamps on this peace as well fold in half and stick one side at a time.  Sponge around your window peace and stick one end down, fold your card down flat before you stick the end down.  Have fun and good luck.


  1. beautiful Karen love all the red and would be interested in learning how you did them

  2. I love stamping and love crating new cards.
    Thanks so much. Karen

  3. Gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for participating in our IF YOU GIVE A CRAFTER A COOKIE...challenge!!! Can’t wait to see you participate again in our challenge in the new year!!
    Deanne at A Little Bit O’ Paper

  4. Thank you Deanne I will keep entering, just got to get organised first after the Christmas madness. Thank you for your encouragement.